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    Published: Tuesday, 02 May 2017

    University of Manchester - Postgraduate Taught Image Competition...

    University of Manchester - Postgraduate Taught Image Competition

    This year, the Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk/) will also include an image competition for Postgraduate Taught students across the University.

    The overall theme of ‘Research in action’ can be interpreted as broadly as you like. This is your chance to show your experience and also how research is viewed from your eyes.

    All images should be accompanied by a title (no more than 50 words) and a caption (no more than 200 words) both of which should clearly explain your image. The deadline for submissions is Monday 8th May 2017 and these should be made via http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk/participate/submission/

    The overall guidelines are the same as the Postgraduate Research Image competition.

    A total of 5 images will be shortlisted and these will be shown in the Whitworth Hall.

    Each of the shortlisted images will be judged by a high profile judging committee who will choose an overall winner, who will win £150. There will also be a ‘People’s Choice’ award based on votes cast by visitors to the showcase and they will receive £50.

    We’d love to see as many entries as possible from our postgraduate taught students.


    Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase | The University of Manchester |
    Web: www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk | Email: psrs@manchester.ac.uk |
    Twitter: @UoMPSRS | Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/UoMPSRS/ 


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