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    Published: Monday, 22 May 2017

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    Good morning UG! It’s Monday 22 May, and it’s the second week of Exams. I hope things are going well. Once again, make sure you know your exam schedule and locations precisely – it's your responsibility to be in the right place at the right time! In case of emergencies email SSO (or call 0161 306 8155) immediately if you think you have any issues. Now, on with today’s news!

    Best wishes,
    Toby Howard

    Director of Undergraduate Studies

    * WANNACRY. The School’s very own security expert Dr Daniel Dresner was busy last week in the storm around the recent WannaCry ransomeware attack that caused chaos in the NHS and affected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide. Here he is on BBC Radio 5 (@ 37:45). There are quite a few tech analyses of Wannacry out there. This one seems quite good. Below is a map by Symantec showing how the spread of the threat developed.

    Symantec wannacry spead over time

    * MSC ROOMS AVAILABLE. A reminder that because of the ongoing construction work in Kilburn, for the duration of the exams we've made the Kilburn 2nd Floor MSc rooms available for UG student use, during daytime hours. These are rooms 2.25A and 2.25B and are situated well away from the construction work. They contain break-out seating areas for quiet study, and PCs. You can of course continue to use the usual UG spaces during the day, and a reminder that there are other University facilities available for revision and study, such as the Learning Commons, the University Library, and the George Kenyon cluster (which includes 15 dual-boot PCs). If the construction noise continues to prove problematic, then please do contact me.

    * NEW PODCAST. CSPodcast #18 features an interview with @UncleThargy (Craig Dean) CEO of Web Applications UK on his career and passion for coding and developing.

    * OPEN DAYS. Fancy earning up to £80? Have something cool and interesting to demonstrate and talk about? The School’s Open Day team are looking for students to contribute to the June Open Days, 23-24 June, which will see over 700 visitors to the Kilburn Building. It can be anything from paradrones to oculus rifts, 1st and 3rd year projects, or just talking about student societies, such as PASS and HackSoc. If you’re interested in this opportunity, please contact Jez Lloyd ASAP.

    * EXAMS SUPPORT. A reminder that we have an archive of past exam papers, which includes comments from staff on the way exams were answered. If you feel you need support, here are some contacts. And the Library’s Exam Extra scheme is running from now until 7 June, offering students a range of support during this exam season including additional support workshops, online resources, extended opening hours and help finding study spaces.

    * MIT CIRCS. If there are any mitigating circumstances for the Semester 2 exam period, the deadline for submitting is Friday 9 June. If you have any queries, please speak to your Year Tutor (Y1: Sean Bechhofer; Y2: Duncan Hull; Y3: Tim Morris; Y4: Nick Filer; CM: Andrea Schalk). The School is unable to consider your circumstances unless you have submitted a Mitigating Circumstances form by the above deadline.

    * FUNDED PHD. Applications are invited for a fully funded (tuition fees plus additional stipend) full-time PhD. This is an EPSRC iCASE 4-year BAE Systems / School of Computer Science studentship, to start in September 2017 or as soon as appropriate. Deadline for applications is 30 May; informal enquiries to Tim Morris.

    * BANK HOLIDAY. A reminder that next Monday 29 May is a Bank Holiday, so a valid out-of-hours pass will be required to use LF31, Tootill and 1.8 Labs from 08.00-23.30 hrs. Please note that there will be no IT support over the Bank Holiday weekend 27-29 May. If anything crashes during that period, it will not be restored until the next working day.

    * SOMETHING TO SHARE? Deadline for sending in Monday Mail items: 17:00 every Friday.

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