• International Women in Engineering

    Published: Tuesday, 06 June 2017

    The SR Team in MACE are organising an event for ‘International Women in Engineering’ 4-6pm on Tuesday 20th June - and you're invited

    Dear All, Alistair Revel from the School of MACE invites you to the event below! Cheers, Uli


    Dear All,

    Our SR Team in MACE are organising an event for ‘International Women in Engineering’ to run 4-6pm on Tuesday 20th June in C21 of Pariser Building. The event is primarily aimed at PhD students and early career researchers, and focusses on raising the profile of careers in engineering and technical roles for women, and allows us to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding women engineers. We’re keen to involve other schools and so we’d be grateful if you could disseminate this around your schools and particularly to PhD and research staff who might be interested in this.

    We have several speakers confirmed, including Chrissi McCarthy, founder of Constructing Equality Ltd and Rebecca Todd from EEE. There will be a few short shout-outs about various WP and outreach opportunities and an opportunity for networking at the end with drinks and a light buffet provided.

    We’re limited to 95 participants and so we're asking that attendees register via the link below.


    Best regards,


    gravatar Uli Sattler
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