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    Published: Monday, 19 March 2018

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    University of Manchester Postgraduate Research Showcase 2018 - SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN

    University of Manchester

    Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase 2018



    Win up to £250!


    About PSRS 2018


    The University of Manchester’s Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (PSRS) is a unique event that brings postgraduate researchers from across the University of Manchester all together under one roof. It provides a great networking opportunity for researchers to explore interdisciplinary connections, whilst giving wider stakeholders the chance to understand the brilliant depth and breadth of research at Manchester.


    By bringing a large conference environment to the University, it also gives an exciting platform for postgraduate researchers to practise their presentation and communication skills in front of both specialist and non-specialist audiences.


    This year’s event will take place on Tuesday 26th June 2018 in the Whitworth Hall and will feature over 150 poster presentations, as well as research images and interactive posters which will be displayed on touchscreens.


    The deadline for submissions to all the competitions is Monday 14th May 2018.


    Please visit our website http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk for further detail and guidelines.


    Any questions about the showcase or submissions should be sent to psrs@manchester.ac.uk


    You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more news and updates!




    With best wishes,

    On behalf of the PSRS Organising Committee

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    Manchester Energy Summer School 2018

    I am organising a free summer school which will be open to any University of Manchester PhD student that is researching an energy related area.  The aims of the Summer School are to inform the participants about the wide ranging energy related research conducted within The University of Manchester and to give each person the opportunity to consider the impact of our research and real world applications whilst contextualising their own research project to see how it may play a role in the energy landscape of the future.




    Please email energy.events@manchester.ac.uk should you have any questions.


    Many thanks,



    Teresa Chilton, Project Manager, Manchester Energy

    B13, Sackville Street Building, The University of Manchester, Sackville Street, Manchester M13 9PL

    Tel: 0161 306 9106


    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]Industrial Placements and Interships

    Summer Internship Opportunities – Transport Systems Catapult

    The Transport Systems Catapult is offering a number of internships for current MSc and PhD students to join the Catapult for a three month duration from June-August 2018.


    The internship projects relate to three focus areas:


    New Mobility Services for Transport

    Connected and Automated Transport

    Open Data Platform for Transport

    More details on this opportunity can be found here: https://ts.catapult.org.uk/summer-placements/

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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