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    Published: Wednesday, 04 April 2018

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    PURE is a service for researchers, which will allow you to create a public-facing profile on the University website.  As a PGR student in CS we are now inviting you to create a profile.

    You can access PURE here – https://pure.manchester.ac.uk – using your University username and password.

    As you’ll see from this profile, PURE has a huge range of things you can add in and discuss, including research papers, prizes, conferences, media events, as well as ample free-text space where you can add in your research interests, an overview of your career so far, and discuss your plans for the future.  You can also add papers on which you feature (either as a main/co-author) as well as projects and funding achievements.

    It’s a great opportunity to consolidate and promote your work. Moreover, a UoM-linked profile would (we hope) appeal to prospective employers and assist the process of establishing yourself as a scientist.  PURE has a handy CV creator that allows you to export the content of your profile as a nifty word document, saving you a heap of time in the future. Please take up the opportunity and begin building your profiles straight away; existing doctoral student profiles can be viewed here if you want ideas for what to include.

    A tip – if you have an email signature and/or any presence on social media, you could include links to your PURE profile. That way your research interests and achievements are easily accessed by any interested viewers.

    In the meantime, there is lots of useful information on PURE here:


    Good luck. We’re looking forward to seeing your profile up there!


    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]Notes from the Advisors

    Paid Opportunity to Help with Year 12 Summer School on Programming Languages

    We are looking for enthusiastic people to help deliver a Summer School to Year 12 students. This is a paid role (details below) and a great opportunity to gain experience in teaching and public engagement.

    The title of the school is “What is a Programming Language?” and will involve short talks, workshop activities and a tutorial on functional programming. I am particularly interested in finding people keen to help develop the material to deliver (currently we have a high-level timetable of activities).

    The summer school will take place in the Kilburn Building over three days on 10-12th July. You must be available for (at least some of) these dates and have some availability before then for planning/preparation activities.

    Required qualities:

    •  An interest in education and public engagement 
    •  Familiarity with graduate-level programming language concepts (e.g. type-safety, the compilation pipeline, call-by-value etc)

    Desired qualities:

    •  Experience delivering talks, engaging with the public, and/or in education in general
    •  Experience using a functional programming language 

    Payment will be £14.87 per hour for delivery and preparation time. If you are currently employed as an RA then employment must be in agreement with your line management and alternative arrangements are possible.

    To apply please send an email briefly explaining how you meet the above requirements to giles.reger@manchester.ac.uk.

    Please contact me (giles.reger@manchester.ac.uk) directly with any queries.

    gravatar Giles Reger

    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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