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    Published: Thursday, 26 April 2018

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    University of Manchester Postgraduate Research Showcase 2018 - SUBMISSIONS NOW OPEN

    University of Manchester

    Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase 2018



    Win up to £250!


    About PSRS 2018


    The University of Manchester’s Postgraduate Summer Research Showcase (PSRS) is a unique event that brings postgraduate researchers from across the University of Manchester all together under one roof. It provides a great networking opportunity for researchers to explore interdisciplinary connections, whilst giving wider stakeholders the chance to understand the brilliant depth and breadth of research at Manchester.


    By bringing a large conference environment to the University, it also gives an exciting platform for postgraduate researchers to practise their presentation and communication skills in front of both specialist and non-specialist audiences.


    This year’s event will take place on Tuesday 26th June 2018 in the Whitworth Hall and will feature over 150 poster presentations, as well as research images and interactive posters which will be displayed on touchscreens.


    The deadline for submissions to all the competitions is Monday 14th May 2018.


    Please visit our website http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk for further detail and guidelines.


    Any questions about the showcase or submissions should be sent to psrs@manchester.ac.uk


    You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more news and updates!




    With best wishes,

    On behalf of the PSRS Organising Committee


    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    Teaching Focused Lecturer in Computer Science

    Teaching Focused Lecturer in Computer Science

    We are advertising for a Teaching-focused Lecturer in The School of Computer Science.

    Applications must be submitted by 23rd April 2018 and the advert must be seen via


    Any enquiries to Toby Howard (Toby.Howard@manchester.ac.uk).

    gravatar Karon Mee

    Manchester BRC PhD studentship in data science

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]Owning Your Research Project

    New support available for Research Data Management Plans

    Managing your research data effectively will help you reduce the risk of data loss, make your research more reproducible and provide opportunities for collaboration through data sharing. Data Management Plans (DMPs) help you manage your data by planning what data or supporting information you will collect, how you will handle it, and whether you can share your data publicly. DMPs are required for every new research project at The University of Manchester, including PhD projects, as well as by most research funders. To make the process easier we are moving to a new institutional data management planning tool, DMPonline.

    Fewer forms

    Support services from across the University have worked together to make sure that you are not entering the same information twice. The new DMP will be used in the ethics review process, assist with data protection requirements, and allow IT to plan how much storage you will require.

    Existing Data Management Plans

    You may have already written a DMP for your project on the University’s DMP tool, this existing tool will be maintained for at least the next year. You will be able to edit your existing plans but you will not be able to generate new plans after 17th April 2018.

    Feedback and support

    You can find out more about Research Data Management and get support in writing a plan at the regular workshops run as part of My Research Essentials. The Data Management Outline section of all DMPs will be reviewed by the Research Data Management service team. If you would like feedback on your full DMP you can do this by clicking on the ‘Request feedback’ button on the ‘Share’ tab in DMP online.

    You can find out more about data management planning via www.manchester.ac.uk/researchdata. Please send any questions about how to plan your data management to the Research Data Management team at researchdata@manchester.ac.uk

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    [ top ]PGR Mentors

    PGR/Staff Drinks

    Hi all,

    Now that we're all back from what I hope was a relaxing Easter for you, we're organising another drinks event in the common room!

    It'll be this Friday (April 27th) in the common room, starting from 16:30. All PGR/staff are welcome to join us!

    The Mentors

    gravatar Cameron Shand

    gravatar Simon Harper
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