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    Published: Thursday, 17 May 2018

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    [ top ]Professional Development (and Networks)

    Finishing or doing a PhD? Pathways is for your next career step, 7th June from 9am

    Pathways (manchester.ac.uk/pathways/) is a major, University-wide careers event for PhD researchers and research staff. Now in its 12th year, Pathways welcomes around 500 researchers annually from across the University. The event is designed to support you in exploring your future plans and discovering the breadth of opportunities available to you. 

    For just one day, join hundreds of Manchester researchers, past and present across all faculties, to share their experience and help you plan your future - wherever it might lead you. The event will be held on Thursday, 7 June, 9.00am – 4.30pm, in the Renold Building, North Campus.

    The morning will consist of ‘Question and Answer’ panel sessions with people who have either completed their PhDs or moved on from university research posts in the last ten years. In the afternoon, a panel of employers and others will provide advice on the practicalities of getting jobs with a doctorate.  If you’re a current or recent PhD, member of research or teaching staff here at the University, this free event is for you. Lunch is provided.

    Registration is essential.  The deadline to register is Friday 1 June. For further information, contact Pathways Manager, Annika Zimmer: annika.zimmer@manchester.ac.uk

    The careers service are also looking for early career academic staff and postdocs to sit on some of the discussion panels on the day, please contact ben.carter@manchester.ac.uk if you're interested in participating.

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    [ top ]Wider Research Community

    University of Manchester Image Competition

    University of Manchester

    Image Competition 2018



    Capture research through your eyes and take part to win £150


    ·        To enter you must be registered as postgraduate research or postgraduate taught student at the University of Manchester


    ·        Take your photo and submit it online at http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk/participate/submission/


    ·        All guidance relating to the image competition can be found at http://www.psrs.manchester.ac.uk/images/


    ·        Deadline for entries is Monday 4th June 2018

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    [ top ]Industrial Placements and Interships

    IBM Research Internship: Improving personalized disease diagnostics using AI

    IBM Research internship: Improving personalized disease diagnostics using AI

    3-month from September 2018.

    While the position is paid, any work completed cannot be used as part of a doctoral thesis dissertation.

    Students on a visa will need to check their eligibility with the University Visa Team visa@manchester.ac.uk

    Deadline 31st May 2018.

    gravatar Susannah Hymas

    gravatar Susannah Hymas
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