Programme details

Postgraduate taught course units

The programme units are taught modules within the School of Computer Science’s Taught MSc courses. The MSc courses are divided into themes. CDT students may take any foundation programme unit, which is taught in Teaching Block 1, and any advanced programme unit taught during Teaching Block 2 for which they have the prerequisites. Only the advanced programme units that are available to CDT students during their first year are listed below.

This is a list of programme units available in the first semester; other programme units may be available. programme units may vary for future academic years.

Current programme units by Theme

Advanced Web Technologies

Foundation: Semi-structured Data and the Web (COMP60411)
Advanced: Ontology Engineering for the Semantic Web (COMP60421)

Data Engineering & IT Governance

Foundation: Data Engineering (COMP60711)
Advanced: IT Governance (COMP60721)

Learning From Data

Foundation: Machine Learning and Data Mining (COMP61011)
Advanced: Modelling and visualization of high-dimensional data (COMP61021)

Managing Data

Foundation: Semi-structured Data and the Web (COMP60411)
Foundation: Data Engineering (COMP60711)

Parallel Computing in the Multi Core Era

Foundation: Parallel Programmes and their Performance (COMP60611)
Advanced: Designing for Parallelism and Future Multi-core Computing (COMP60621)


Foundation: Cryptography (COMP61411)
Advanced: Computer and Network Security (COMP61421)

Software Engineering 1

Foundation: Software Engineering Overview (COMP61511)
Advanced: Component-based Software Development (COMP61521)

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