Frequently asked questions

  • How does CDT content differ from a traditional PhD?

    The 4 year PhD offered through the CDT represents a new model of PhD training in Computer Science that is unique to Manchester. The PhD combines the deep technical training traditionally associated with a PhD but is augmented by training in research skills, creativity, innovation, scientific evaluation, communication across research and academic boundaries, impact planning, and problem-solving.

    Our goal is to train the complete researcher and to produce doctoral scientists who are flexible and ready to innovate on new problems as well as being thoroughly trained in the research methods of their PhD research project.

    By the end of the programme, not only will you have received high quality training on a specific research topic, you will have also developed invaluable skills and experience across research boundaries and of addressing the problems of users outside academia, such as in industry and the community.

  • Why does it take four years?

    Our conventional PhD programme runs over three years, but many students take a few months longer, without funding, to write up.

    The CDT programme takes four years for a number of reasons:

    • In their first year, students will received advanced technical training in Computer Science across a broad range of topics, thus enabling them to make a more informed choice of research area for their PhD. Training will also be given in scientific methods and evaluation.
    • Students are encouraged to spend time in other laboratories during their third year, either in an industry setting or with academic research groups outside of the UK.
    • The four year structure negates the need for an unfunded writing up period at the end of the programme.

    Further information about the programme structure is available here.

  • Who can apply?

    For more information on who can apply for a CDT programme, see our entry requirements and English language requirements.

  • When is the applications deadline?

    There is no application deadline but we anticipate there being significant competition for studentships and encourage students to apply early. All studentship are for places commencing September 2013.

  • Is there funding available?

    Yes. We expect to be able to offer in the region of 15 fully funded studentships.

    Studentships pay all tuition fees and a full stipend for 4 years. Applicants must be eligible to pay home fees.

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