Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled this list of frequently asked questions which you may find useful.

What is the deadline for applications?

We operate a rolling application system with four entry points for the three-year PhD or one-year MPhil programmes (the four-year CDT programme is only available from Sept entry due to the year one schedule). We do not have application deadlines although please bear in mind that other procedures, such as ATAS and visa applications can take some time so we advise applying as early as you can. There may be application deadlines for some funding opportunities; they will be published here.

I need an offer. How long will it take?

It can take as long as a month for a complete application to be fully assessed and an offer made. A Doctoral research programme is a big undertaking and the application process is designed to assess whether candidates have the appropriate background, knowledge, temperament and attitude for a PhD. The process will include an interview (usually via phone or skype) and our admissions tutors will need to approve your acceptance before an offer can be made.

How do I apply for University funding?

Please indicate on your application form that you wish to be considered for funding. You will then be considered alongside other funding candidates. Please note that we do not have funding for the MPhil programme.

I would like to study any topic in Computer Science. Can you send my application to all supervisors?

We have a large number of academic staff in the School, all with specific areas of expertise. It is most unlikely that an application will be picked up if there is no indication of the area of interest. A PhD is very high level study and requires not only hard work and commitment but also direction and strong interest in the chosen topic. Please note that candidates for the four-year CDT programme needn't choose a topic at the application stage.

Do I need to meet the English requirement before I apply?

Your application can be considered initially without having met this requirement. We would advise you to at least consider how you would meet the requirement as early as possible, particularly if your application is being made within a few months of your proposed start date. If your application is accepted before meeting English requirement, you will be made a conditional offer and will need to meet the requirement before being admitted. 

I have studied a degree in an English-speaking country. Do I need to meet the English requirement?

Not usually. If you meet our entry requirements and have studied in a majority English-speaking country (UK, US, Australia etc), this is usually evidence enough that you meet the required standard. There are exceptions and you will be informed if we need further evidence.

I have studied in English in an overseas institution. Do I need to meet the English requirement?

Yes. The University is not able to vouch for the standard of English used in countries that are not majority English-speaking. Please see here for further details.

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