Top Tips!

Our top tips for a successful PhD Application

A Doctoral research programme is a big undertaking. The application process is designed to assess whether candidates have the appropriate background and knowledge and also the right temperament and attitude for three (or six) years of research.

This advice should help you to provide the relevant information we need.

  1. Choose an area you already have a good knowledge and understanding of
    Your research proposal and any subsequent correspondence with one of our academic supervisors will come across as more well-considered if you already have a good understanding of your precise topic.

  2. Choose your preferred academic supervisor carefully
    Make sure you choose a staff member whose area of interest and expertise closely matches your research topic; it is not in either party’s interest to accept your application if the supervisor cannot offer a high level of expert support and it is unlikely that your application will be accepted. Doing a little background research will help you with this. Staff profile pages can be found via our Research Group pages. Our admissions staff may be able to offer some assistance with this, however, you will know your topic better than they do!

  3. Ensure all required documents and information is provided
    Read the ‘how to apply’ section for more details. If you don’t already have them, you should request transcripts (including interim transcripts for degrees not yet complete) and written references. Your tutors and student admin support teams will be used to these requests.
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