PhD funding (other)

President's Doctoral Scholar Awards

PDS awards are open to the most outstanding students from across the UK and around the world. These offer funding plus an additional £1000 enhancement to the stipend/living allowance. For further information, see the President's Doctoral Award page.

Faculty PhD Studentships

Also referred to as "Deans Awards", studentship details are usually announced in February each year. Further details can be found on the Faculty webpages.

Available to registered research students

  • Demonstrator opportunities: There are normally opportunities for self-funded and externally-funded to undertake paid laboratory demonstrator duties.
  • Teaching Assistantships: Registered PhD/MPhil students may be offered the opportunity to work as Teaching Assistants and receive payment as an honorarium. Teaching Assistants work part time in term-time, aiding staff in various teaching-related duties. These duties might include supervising laboratories, preparing and marking course work and taking tutorials and examples classes. The duties are at the discretion of the Director for Undergraduate Studies in the School of Computer Science.
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