School studentships

UK/EU applicants

The School invests heavily in the funding of postgraduate research students and expects to be able to offer funding to students on both variants of our PhD programme:

  1. 4 Year CDT Programme
    The School offers a 4-year PhD programme delivered through the Centre for Doctoral Training in Computer Science. Studentships are available for both home and EU students.
  2. Traditional 3 Year PhD
    In parallel to the programmes offered through our Centre for Doctoral Training the School continues to offer a traditional three year PhD programme. Studentships are available for both home and EU students.

PhD Studentships in Computer Science for UK/EU applicants

The School of Computer Science has a number of PhD Scholarships to offer each year to UK and EU nationals who wish to start a PhD from September or, in some cases, at different entry points in the year. The studentships pay all tuition fees and a stipend award for 3-4 years. Applicants must be eligible to pay ‘home fees’. There will normally be additional opportunities to undertake some teaching, in the form of laboratory demonstration.

Research Areas

The studentships can cover research on any Computer Science topic. Our Research Groups will give you an overview of the research activities of the School. There is one scholarship available that is specifically related to research in areas of interest to the Medical Research Council.

How to Apply

You may either contact potential supervisors to negotiate a possible PhD topic or select a PhD research topic from our list of research projects.  Further details of academic staff and their research interests can be found on our academic staff pages.

You may submit an application without specifically mentioning a supervisor, but you must, instead, specify which research group you wish to join.

To submit an application, follow the instructions available from the Apply page. You will be asked to complete an application form which requires you to propose a Research Supervisor, enter a Research Title and enter 'Details' of the research you wish to become engaged in. 

You should attach a 'research proposal' and a 'personal statement' ('statement of purpose') as separate sheets. The research proposal should be based on an original idea or a PhD project selected from our list. It should present the applicant's perspective of the proposed project, why it is important and worth studying and a methodology that may be adopted. The personal statement should include any other information you consider relevant, including your reasons and motivation for applying. We would be very interested to know about any publications you have produced or are in the process of producing. These two documents will be assessed by the School funding panel. Applicants for the 4-year CDT are not expected to submit a research proposal; instead you are asked to provide a statement of intent.

Advice on writing a research proposal may be found here.

Each application will be processed in two phases:

  1. In the first phase, your application and qualifications will be considered by the School and prospective supervisor(s). If your application is successful, you will receive an offer for a place in our PhD programme.
  2. In the second phase, if you wish to be considered for funding, your application will be presented to the School's funding panel which meets periodically throughout the year. Decisions will be conveyed as soon as possible after each meeting. The criteria are academic qualifications, supporting statements from referees familiar with the demands of academic research and the quality of a research proposal / statement of intent.

Once all funding has been allocated, further applications can be considered and if successful, will be held on a 'reserve list' in case funding becomes available.

Further Information

Interested candidates are encouraged to suggest a possible PhD topic or browse through a list of suggested PhD projects, and discuss with a potential supervisor prior to application.  

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