Modelling and Fabrication of Nano-Structured Surfaces in Polymer Materials.

Project description

There is currently much interest in the replication of nanoscale structures in polymer materials, both for nanoscale device fabrication and for producing templates for cell growth studies in biological systems. This project involves finding ways to characterize and model complex 3D structures which can subsequently be fabricated in a polymer film using electron beam lithography. This work will be carried out in the Center for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology (CMN) with the aim of modeling and then generating a set of well-characterized surface topographies in a polymer substrate having arrays of features covering a broad range of spatial dimensions from several micrometers down to approximately 10 nm in size.

The work will feed into two major areas of research interest. One is on the fabrication of nanoscale devices for memory applications in the Nano Engineering & Storage Technologies Research Group ( and the other is into cell growth on polymer surfaces for the prevention of breast capsular contracture being undertaken in the Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre ( for further details of possible projects.

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