Course components

Manchester is renowned for its innovative approach to MSc teaching. Our size and research strength enable us to offer a combination of breadth, depth and flexibility that is difficult to find elsewhere.

If you are studying on the Advanced Computer Science course, you can choose to follow the standard route or shape your own specialised course by choosing from a wide spectrum of computer science and interdisciplinary topics.


Selecting a pathway enables you to graduate from the long established and highly respected Advanced Computer Science (ACS) course together with a recognition of your specialisation.

ACS Themes

In addition to being able to select from multiple courses and pathways,you can also choose from multiple MSc ACS themes.

Themes are collections of course units grouped together to provide focus on specialist topics. Themes are selected at the beginning of the academic year and enable students to deepen their knowledge in specific areas. Students on our Advanced Computer Science course may choose any theme.

  • Theme = a combination of usually 2 course units.
  • MSc course or an Advanced Computer Science Pathway = a selection of two themes.

Course units are the modules within the themes.

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