Advanced Computer Science and IT Management: Information Management [MSc]

Course units and themes

The pathway consists of two (compulsory) units from the Data Engineering and IT governance ACS theme, three additional compulsory units on various aspects of information management, and one optional unit covering various application areas (such as decision support, text mining, optimisation).

Data Engineering and Systems Governance

This theme aims to provide students with an overview and understanding of the entire data life cycle, including data creation, modelling, acquisition, representation, use, maintenance, preservation and disposal, as well as the general use of IT to secure data and information. It discusses database design, data warehousing, maintenance and analytics, data standards and data quality, as well as managing the human behaviour affecting the security of data and information systems.

Information Management 1

This theme addresses the main topics in information management and data analytics: students taking MSc ACSwITM: Information Management take all of the units in this theme. The theme has two modules: Machine Learning and Data Mining (COMP61011) which is taken in the first semester and Knowledge Management (BMAN71652) which is taken in the second semester.

Information Management 2

This theme complements the compulsory set of Information management units, and covers topics in optimisation, planning, problem-solving, decision support and text mining. Students taking MSc ACSwITM: Information Management choose one optional unit from this theme. This option is taken in the second semester.

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