Study options

Professional Development within the School of Computer Science at The University of Manchester provides a link between the School, industry and externally based students.

  • It facilitates the dissemination of specialist knowledge through its varied activities in multiple flexible levels 
  • It provides access to face-to-face modular and part-time courses
  • Individual modules can contribute towards achieving an MSc in Computer Science

The School takes a very flexible approach to providing custom solutions best suited to a particular partners needs. Accredited modules and courses are established utilising all the knowledge in research and high standard teaching within the School. By taking courses in relevant subject areas, the computing professional can ensure that they keep up to date with new developments in the ever changing environment of Computer Science.


Modular and part-time study


Build a course around your specific interests with our modular courses and individual course units available to study at flexible and varied levels. These are ideal for students with specific interests and those that require more flexibility in their study. 

For those wishing to apply for the government-backed postgraduate loan, we also offer the full MSc course as a 2-year part time degree. 

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