How to apply

All students, whether home or international, apply for undergraduate courses at UK universities through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). Students must apply online at If you are unable to access the internet you should contact the UCAS Customer Service Unit on 0870 112 2211.

You can apply to UCAS from 1st September for entry the following autumn. The normal closing date for receipt of applications is 15th January following which you can apply through UCAS Extra. (30th June is the deadline for international applications).

For more information see the application pages on the main University site.



What is the difference between a MEng and a BSc degree programme?

Our enhanced MEng honours courses are designed to fulfil the highest professional requirements and challenge the ablest of students. They supplement the contents of the equivalent three-year BSc programmes with an increase in the depth and range of computing related subjects studied, additional studies in subjects such as management, law, and health and safety, and an industrially linked group project.

The MEng courses are designed to meet the standards required to give exemption from the revised Engineering Council professional examinations. Hence, on completion of these courses it is expected that you will not have to undertake an additional matching. In contrast, the BSc courses require an additional matching section to gain this exemption.

What is the difference between a degree with and without industrial experience?

Academically there is no difference between a degree with or without industrial experience. The difference is that the 'with Industrial Experience' phase requires you extend your studies to four years and spend the additional year undertaking an approved industrial placement. Many students choose this option in order to make themselves more competitive in the jobs market following graduation. We also find that students who go out on an industrial placement often improve their third year performance as a result of the experience they amass over the year.

What are the placement opportunities?

If you are on one of the four-year BSc courses, you will have to undertake a placement year as part of your programme. Although it is your responsibility to arrange this, our industrial placement tutor will help you. The information that the tutor will give you include details of the wide-range of companies who contact us each year looking for placement students. In practice, the majority of students on these courses find a suitable placement.

On three-year BSc courses you do not have to undertake a placement year as part of your course. However, if you are offered a suitable placement, we are happy for you to interrupt your studies for a year. If you are on one of these courses, you can use the industrial placement tutor to help you find potential employers.

If you are on one of the four-year MEng courses, you must undertake short summer placements as part of your course. The final year project also gives you a chance to work with a company or business involved in the development of a computer-related service or product. Since these courses contain four years of academic study, there is no chance to include a full year placement within them.

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