Artificial Intelligence (3 Years) [BSc]

Communicating with Confidence

Unit code: UCIL21301
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 2
Teaching period(s): Semester 1
Offered by Alliance Manchester Business School
Available as a free choice unit?: Y




The aim of this module is to provide University of Manchester students with the opportunity to learn techniques which will enhance their confidence and resilience. Drawing on practice and theory from the realms of theatre, psychology, sociology, biology, neuroscience, sports psychology and leadership, the course aims to enhance knowledge, and skills in communicating, within a wide range of challenging contexts, including difficult conversations, assessed presentations, networking and job interviews. 
The module will provide a unique opportunity for students to develop an understanding of how they currently communicate and how they can develop this to have an impact academically, professionally and personally.


Do you long to be able to communicate within challenging and stressful situations?  Do you dread presentations or just wish that you could present with more impact?  Do you fear job interviews or ever find yourself getting tongue tied, with sweaty palms?  If so, this course could be exactly what you need?

The course draws on the theory and practice of communication, body language and leadership, using techniques from the world of theatre and acting to help participants learn how to manage nerves, communicate effectively and engage with a wide variety of audiences.

A range of theories and techniques will be introduced and mastered through practice, using an interactive and participative approach. The learning process will be organic, and tailored to suit the needs and experiences of the students, who over the duration of the course will work towards producing a performance that allows them to put into practice the many skills that they will have learnt.

This unit will be extremely useful for participants in terms of communicating within a professional or personal context, aims to provide participants with the skills and confidence that will allow them to communicate, inform, inspire and motivate. and will be of great benefit when presenting, and communicating, within the University, at job interviews, and in the workplace.   

Learning outcomes

  • An awareness of their own presentation style and of how this style might be perceived by others;
  • An awareness of the key aspects of successful and impactful communication and presentations;
  • An awareness of their own personal values and assumptions, and of how these impact upon their personal communication and its effectiveness;
  • The development of a clear and articulate speaking voice;
  • The development of presence in front of an audience;
  • Skills in communicating for a variety of types and size of audience;
  • Skills in working as part of a team;
  • Skills in the ability to influence and persuade an audience;
  • Skills in effective working within a team context;
  • Skills and confidence in speaking in public;
  • An awareness of how to communicate complex data;
  • Practical skills in preparing and delivering presentations;
  • Understanding of the use of social media as an effective communication tool;
  • Skills and confidence in performing on a stage and in front of an audience.

Employability skills

  • Analytical skillsSkills in reflection, analysis and critique
  • Group/team workingSkills in presenting data to an audience and in communicating with confidence and influence
  • Oral communicationSkills in communicating with confidence in challenging situtations
  • OtherSkills in interview technique

Assessment methods

  • Written assignment (inc essay) - 50%
  • Oral assessment/presentation - 50%


The module provides access to theory, and practice, from a variety of fields relating to communication as well as recent research in the field of influencing an audience and inspiring them to take action. The module will cover topics such as use of voice, body language and resources to communicate with impact; communicating with confidence in interviews and challenging situations; managing nerves and emotions under pressure and managing difficult conversations. 
The module is delivered through weekly lectures, each of which presents a particular topic of relevance to communicating with confidence. The lectures will be supplemented with individual tutorials to support students in preparing for assessment and to support students in addressing any particular areas of concern with their communication.

Recommended reading

Additional reading material will be suggested in each lecture.

Feedback methods

The use of the reflective journal will enable the provision of feedback on ideas for the presentation and on the journal itself. In addition, the course director will meet with individuals as required.
In line with University guidelines, feedback on the journal and presentation will be given within fifteen working days. In addition students will be given the following opportunities to obtain feedback on progress:
Use of discussion boards to post, and receive answers to, concerns/questions
Opportunity to meet individually with course co-ordinator to receive feedback on 
queries, ideas, etc.
Formative assessment of reflective journal


Study hours

  • Practical classes & workshops - 24 hours
  • Independent study hours - 76 hours

Teaching staff

Elaine Clark - Unit coordinator

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