Computer Science (3 Years) [BSc]

Leadership of Learning

Unit code: UCIL20001
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 2
Teaching period(s): Semester 1
Offered by Education
Available as a free choice unit?: Y




“This module was the most valuable one I have done in my whole University course! It helped fire my enthusiasm for working with young people” said one of the students who took this unit in 2012-13.  Are you thinking of going into teaching after you graduate? This unit is taught in the School of Education, and in lively local schools.  It is made up of a series of interactive sessions on planning, classroom organisation and managing relationships in school.  You will then spend ten afternoons in a school, working with pupils and observing experienced teachers at work.  You are carefully guided by school staff and experienced tutors.  Your assessment will involve you in writing about your learning and drawing on “critical incidents” that helped you in that learning.

Learning outcomes

  • Know and understand the principles of leadership, observation, reflection, teaching and learning, planning, and assessment;
  • Analyse personal learning and professional skills and develop criticality and reflective practice;
  • Communicate effectively with pupils as they lead and assess pupil learning;
  • Develop and maintain professional working relationships with colleagues;
  • Establish fair, trusting and supportive relationships with individual /groups of children and young people in the classroom;
  • Develop professional and transferable skills including leadership, observation, communication, problem solving, analysis and reflection;
  • Develop and maintain appropriate personal and professional relationships with adults and children and young people in the workplace.

Assessment Further Information

Learning journal of work-placement experiences; Using one of the suggested frameworks for writing about “critical incidents”, select three examples from your observations and work in school that have contributed to your professional learning.  These selections should be drawn from your involvement with (i) teaching and learning; (ii) leadership; (iii) planning/assessment (iv) mentoring/coaching.

Study hours

  • Lectures - 4 hours
  • Work based learning - 30 hours
  • Independent study hours - 66 hours

Teaching staff

Pauline Prevett - Unit coordinator

Olwen McNamara - Unit coordinator

Colin Mills - Unit coordinator

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