Computer Science (3 Years) [BSc]

Leadership in Action Online Unit

Unit code: UCOL20031
Credit Rating: 10
Unit level: Level 2
Teaching period(s): Semester 1
Offered by University College for Interdisciplinary Learning
Available as a free choice unit?: Y




The course unit aims to:

- broaden intellectual and cultural interests
- challenge and equip students to confront personal values and make ethical judgements
- prepare graduates for citizenship and leadership in diverse, global environments
- promote equality and diversity.


- exploring issues of leadership from a local, national and international perspective through a range of interactive online materials and experiences, including audio and video input from a range of leaders and academics
- providing an insight into leadership that supports economic, social and environmental sustainability
- enabling students to develop a range of leadership and research skills, e.g. communication, problem solving, critical analysis
- providing students with an opportunity to reflect on the moral dimension of professional and civic life and to equip them with a balanced and liberal understanding of wider issues facing 21st century societies.


The unit is delivered via Blackboard and includes content from world-class internal and external speakers from the public, private and voluntary sectors, supported by a range elearning activities.
The unit explores a range of leadership issues and challenges for the C21st, including:
? Leadership in Theory and Practice
? Ethics and Leadership
? Environmental Sustainability
? Poverty and Inequality
? Culture and Diversity
? Corporate Social Responsibility

Teaching and learning methods

? The unit is delivered via Blackboard. It is a highly interactive and innovative unit which adopts a blended approach with a range of audio/video inputs and case studies from world - class internal and external speakers. The unit content is supported by elearning activities designed to enhance students learning and understanding including questionnaires and quizzes and moderated discussion boards
? Students will work in a tutor group of approx. 20 students supervised by an etutor
? Ongoing and formative feedback is provided by etutors via Blackboard and email
? Formal written feedback is provided on all final assessments.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able to:
- identify ways in which leaders influence change in a range of contexts
- critically evaluate different leadership approaches to social, economic and
environmental sustainability
- understand, reflect on and evaluate their own leadership style and that of others
using a variety of tools
- demonstrate skills that contribute to effective leadership, including
influencing, critical thinking and communication skills

Assessment Further Information

100% course work comprising:
- Assessed discussion (20%)
- Eco journal (20%)
- Summative assessment (60%)
o based on pre-released stimulus material
o choice of 3 stimuli
o common question focused on leadership
All course work must be submitted via Blackboard.

Recommended reading

Main text:

Rickards, T. & Clark, M. (2005) Dilemmas of Leadership. London: Routledge

Study hours

  • Independent study hours - 0 hours
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