Student Competitions

Computer Science students have the opportunity to participate in a range of competitions during their studies. Taking part is a great way to put your programming skills in to practice, work with other students designing exciting projects and even represent the University at international level!

Facebook Global Hackathon 

CS students in Team Goat won the Facebook Global Hackathon finals at Menlo Park in California. They beat 16 other teams from around the world (Mexico, USA, Singapore, Brazil etc) with their iOS app AppChef, which Mark describes as “an easy to use iOS app that allows you to create apps! No Xcode or programming knowledge needed -- simply download it from the app store, and you can be creating the next Facebook on the bus home in no time!“. The team won $2000 and an Oculus Rift each. 

Coding Dojo

Students competed in a Coding Dojo competition to select the ACM trial participants. 23 brave students tackled five challenging algorithmic problems. The winners were Karol Jurasinski (Y2, CMwIE), Ettore Torti (Y2, CSwIE) and Ion Diaconu (Y2, CS). The winners flew to Sweden, accompanied by their mentor, Tudor Morar (PhD, Y2), to represent Manchester in the prestigious annual International ACM programming competition. See the Facebook group for problems and other info.

ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

"Team Brogrammers" Karol Jurasinski (Y2, CMwIE), Ettore Torti (Y2, CSwIE) and Ion Diaconu (Y2, CS), and their mentor, Tudor Morar (PhD, Y2), who represented the School in the prestigious and very demanding annual International ACM programming competition, held at Linköping University, Sweden.

Student Hacks

TechCrunch Hackathon

Huge congratulations to Team Goat:Jessie Abramson and Antonio Marino (both on industrial placement at CERN), Grzegorz Jacenkow (Y2, CSBMwIE), and Mark Larah (Y3, CS) -- who won not just one but TWO categories at this year’s TechCrunch hackathon. Their first win was for “a Siri for social network management” and their second was for a “virtual changing room”, where the system detects colours and suggests what users should wear.

Halloween Student Hack

Congratulations to all our teams who participated in the 36-hour StudentHack Halloween event last week at Autotrader HQ. Dainis Gorbunovs (Y1, SE4), Sami Alabed (Y1, SEwIE), Joao Ruschel and Cristiano Dias (visiting students) won the Best BrainTree Hack -- in the top pic. The Best Fresher Hack prize was won by Cornelia Secelean (Y1, CS4wIE), Mihai Bujanca (Y1, CS4wIE) and Cristina Cristescu (Y3, CSwIE) -- lower pic -- for their app sms2ssh.

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