Josephat Kalezhi

PhD Computer Science

Josephat Kalezhi

The PhD Computer Science course requires patience, dedication, supervisor consultation and excellent time management, but it is ultimately extremely rewarding!

Current position: Head of Computer Science, Copperbelt University, Zambia

Since graduating from the PhD Computer Science research programme, I have taken up a role heading the Computer Science department in the School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Copperbelt University in Zambia. The position comes with a number of responsibilities including the smooth operation of departmental activities, attending student queries and providing academic advice. In addition the job invloves identifying and recommending students who have the potential to join the department. I really enjoy the interaction with staff members to identify potential areas of improvements within the department and also working with the Head of the School to ensure that the University strategic objectives are met. 

During my time at Manchester, my area of research was in data storage on computer magnetic disk drives. In this research I studied factors that affect the data storage (write) performance of computer magnetic disk drives. My supervisor, who supported me during my period of study was Professor Jim Miles. I had a wonderful experience working under his supervision as he gave me the attention and support I needed, which was very important as the research topic was a new area for me.

I'm proud that I managed to publish five papers during my time as a student here and that I presented my research results at International Magnetics (InterMag) in USA and Taiwan and at Magnetism and Magentic Materials (MMM) conferences, also in the USA. My PhD Plus research allowed me to visit Tohoku UNiversity in Japan to evalutate my research model I had developed against other micromagnetic models. The results and success from this trip were excellent and a real confidence booster to my work.

Manchester, the city, is a vibrant place with several places to visit. As an international student, I found the international centre particularly useful, especially during the first year and enjoyed trips organised by the centre.

I thoroughly recommend PhD Computer Science to new students, the course requires patience, dedication, supervisor consultation and excellent time management, but is ultimately extremly rewarding! I feel if I had not completed this course here in Manchester, being where I am today and achieving my current Academic role would have been a great deal more difficult.

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