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    Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

    Settling In...

    Settling In

    I hope you have all now settled in, both in relation to Manchester and the course, having now completed the first week of classes.  This is the first Masters News for the new academic year; further issues will be produced throughout the year to bring a variety of hopefully relevant items to your attention.  If you have items for inclusion in Masters News, please let me know.

    Careers Fair

    There will be a Careers Fair in the Kilburn Building, with representatives of many companies that regularly employ our graduates, on October 12 and 13th, 11am – 3pm.

    GCHQ Crypto Challenge

    The annual Hack Manchester contest on Sat 29 Oct (tickets still available) has recently gained sponsorship from GCHQ, the security organisation providing signals intelligence to the UK government. If you’ve an interest in CyberSecurity take a look at their challenge based on steganography (hidden messages).

    Girl Geeks

    As part of Geek Mental Help Week, Manchester Girl Geeks are holding an all-day event this Sunday 9 Oct at Autotrader’s Manchester office (M15 4FN). There are talks and interactive workshops, and spots for lightning talks and smaller discussions. Tickets are £4.50 including refreshments and lunch.

    School Seminar

    As part of the School’s weekly seminar programme, this Weds 5 Oct at 14:00 in Kilburn LT1.5, Prof. Jim Torresen of the University of Oslo, will talk about “Unleashing Artificial Intelligence in the Real World”. Artificial intelligence (AI) has in recent years taken off. In contrast to earlier promising AI periods, this time not only academic researchers are involved but also a number of large companies including Facebook and Google. This talk will give a brief intro to the AI field represented by biologically inspired computing and give some examples of how they have applied it at University of Oslo in several applications including robotics, interactive music and others. All students and staff welcome.

    My Learning Essentials

    My Learning Essentials is the Library’s award-winning skills support programme. It enables you to embed a blended offer of tailored support into your curriculum at a programme or course unit level.

    You can combine both face-to-face sessions and online resources in Blackboard across a variety of topics from critical thinking to finding information, study strategies and writing essays. You’re also able to recommend bookable workshops and online resources to individual learners to help them develop their core academic skills.

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