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    Published: Tuesday, 25 October 2016

    Postgraduate Research Open Day The university is holding an open day for prospective research students.You can download the programme as a PDF document (3.5MB).

    Postgraduate Research Open Day

    The university is holding an open day for prospective research students. You can download the programme as a PDF document (3.5MB).

    Research Student's Symposium

    To find out more about what our current research students have been up to, check out our annual Research Symposium Tues-Thurs 1-3 Nov in Kilburn. There’s significant variety, from Multi-core Computing to Learning from Data, from Digital Biology to Logic and Automated Reasoning. Everyone welcome to attend talks or browse poster sessions.

    Unit Surveys

    It’s time to have your say about the teaching you’ve had during Period 1.  Unit Surveys are open for every PG taught course unit. Please take five minutes to tell us about yours.  Complete your surveys on Blackboard, or on mobile: manchester.ac.uk/tellus.  The survey will be open during weeks 5, 6 and 7 from 24th October until 13th November

    Bullying and Harassment

    We take the opportunity of recent headlines in the news to remind everybody that the university has a zero tolerance to harassment and bullying, and that it runs a reporting system [1] for cases of bullying, harassment or discrimination. It can be used by staff and students, and you can report an incident and get support from an advisor [2] or report an incident anonymously.

    [1] https://survey.manchester.ac.uk/pssweb/index.php/767652/lang-en 
    [2] http://www.staffnet.manchester.ac.uk/equality-and-diversity/bhd/harassment-advisors/


    This from Hacksoc: we’re proud to announce that Skyscanner will be holding a one hour talk entitled: “Distributed Systems at Skyscanner: Case Studies”, this Weds 26 Oct, at 15:00 in Kilburn 1.1. You’re all invited for a one-of-a-kind behind the scenes look at Skyscanner’s technology.


    Don’t forget that clocks go back an hour to GMT at 02:00 this coming Sunday 30 October. It’s official – summer's over!

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