• Scaling a Technology Platform for Modern Online Retail, Hut Group guest lecture, 9th March 11am

    Published: Monday, 13 March 2017

    COMP101 guest lecture

    The Challenges of Scaling a Technology Platform for Modern Online Retail by Alex Blundell, Software Engineer at The Hut Group (THG). So you've built an application, how do you make it scale to millions of users? Guest lecture for COMP101, Thursday 9th March LT1.1 11am in the Kilburn Building. All welcome.

    The speaker

    Alex graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a BSc degree in Computer Science in 2016. He joined the Hut Group last year as a Graduate Software Engineer in the Product & Services team. This team looks after the full product pipeline from a technology perspective, including all products and pricing that appear on the sites. Alex was involved in THG’s preparation for Black Friday. On Black Friday The Hut Group had over 3 million unique visitors to its websites in 24 hours, selling over 3,000 items per minute in peak hours. All of the Group’s 120 websites reported 100% global availability throughout the day.

    The Hut Group

    The Hut Group is the UK's leading, multi-website online retailer with rapidly growing international operations. The company was established in 2004, achieved #1 ranking in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 for two consecutive years and is fast becoming one of the world’s most important online retail organisations.

    The Hut Group’s technology-first approach to online retail gives them a unique confidence to enter any market and succeed. They live by a “build-it-not-buy-it” viewpoint, with the entire technology platform designed, developed and operated by their in-house team.

    The Hut Group is continually seeking to innovate and their talent strategy places a strong emphasis on intellect, ability and cultural fit over any specific industry experience. They hire the very best and always promote from within. The company is uniquely able to offer an accelerated leadership development path for top talent, providing meaningful responsibility early career and considerable rewards for exceptional performance. For more information see thehutgroup.com

    Image by 50Stripes (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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