Staff - Academic staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Sophia Ananiadou Professor 0161-3063092 John Garside Building 
Prof Teresa Attwood Professor 
Dr Richard Banach Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Prof Howard Barringer Emeritus Professor 
Dr Riza Theresa Batista-Navarro Lecturer in Text Mining 0161-2756205 Kilburn Building - 2.87 
Mr Sean Bechhofer Senior Lecturer in Computer Science 0161-2756282 Kilburn Building - 2.52 
Prof Andrew Brass Professor of Bioinformatics 0161-2755096 Stopford Building - G527 
Prof Gavin Brown Professor of Machine Learning 0161-2756190 Kilburn Building - G11 
Prof Angelo Cangelosi Professor of Machine Learning and Robotics Kilburn Building 
Dr Barry Cheetham Senior Lecturer Information Technology 
Dr Ke Chen Senior Lecturer in AI Kilburn Building 
Dr Sarah Clinch Lecturer in Ubiquitous Computing 0161-2757190 Kilburn Building 
Dr Lucas Cordeiro Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.28 
Prof Jack Dongarra Turing Fellow /55800 Alan Turing Building 
Dr Suzanne Embury Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.105 
Dr Alvaro A A Fernandes Honorary Senior Lecturer 0161-2756199 Kilburn Building - 2.36 
Prof Stephen Furber ICL Professor of Computer Engineering 0161-2756129 Information Technology - IT208 
Dr Aphrodite Galata Lecturer in Advanced Interfaces Kilburn Building 
Dr James Garside Senior Lecturer Information Technology - 2.11 
Prof Carole Goble Professor Kilburn Building 
Mr Graham Gough Honorary Senior Lecturer 0161-2756277 Kilburn Building - 2.115 
Prof John Gurd Emeritus Professor Kilburn Building 
Prof Simon Harper Professor 0161-2750599 Kilburn Building - 2.60 
Dr Ernie Hill Senior Lecturer & Assistant Director Of The Manchester Centre For Mesoscience & Nanotechnology. 0161-2754552 Information Technology - IT118 
Mr Toby Howard Reader, Director of Undergraduate Studies 0161-2756274 Kilburn Building - 2.96 
Dr Duncan Hull Employability Tutor 0161-2756186 Kilburn Building - LF25 
Dr Caroline Jay Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering 0161-2750677 Kilburn Building - 2.30 
Prof John Keane Professor of Data Engineering (Computing Science) John Garside Building 
Prof Ross King Professor of Machine Intelligence 0161-3065158 
Dr Dirk Koch Senior Lecturer 
Dr Konstantin Korovin Royal Society University Research Fellow Kilburn Building 
Dr Christos-efthymios Kotselidis Lecturer in Computer Science Kilburn Building - 2.26 
Dr John Latham Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.81 
Dr Kung-Kiu Lau Senior Lecturer 0161-2755716 Kilburn Building - 2.68 
Dr David Lester Senior Lecturer Information Technology - IT203 
Prof Mikel Lujan Royal Society University Research Fellow Information Technology 
Mr John Mcnaught Research Fellow John Garside Building 
Dr Milan Mihajlovic Lecturer Information Technology 
Prof Jim Miles Professor of Computer Engineering 0161-2754554 Information Technology - IT 114 
Dr Tim Morris Lecturer 0161-3063376 Kilburn Building - 2.107 
Dr Christoforos Moutafis Lecturer in Spintronics Kilburn Building 
Dr Tingting Mu Lecturer 0161-2756243 Kilburn Building - 293 
Dr Mustafa Mustafa Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow Kilburn Building 
Dr Javier Navaridas palma Lecturer Information Technology 
Prof Goran Nenadic Professor of Computer Science 0161-2756289 Kilburn Building - 2.48 
Dr Paul Nutter Senior Lecturer 0161-2755709 Information Technology - IT119 
Dr Bijan Parsia Reader Kilburn Building - 2.88A 
Prof Norman Paton Professor 0161-2756910 Kilburn Building - 2.20 
Dr Vasilis Pavlidis Senior Lecturer Information Technology - IT210 
Prof Pedro Mendes Professor of Computational Systems Biology 0161-3064501 
Prof Stephen Pettifer Professor of Computer Science, Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning (FSE) 0161-2756259 Kilburn Building - 2.95 
Dr Antoniu Pop Senior Lecturer Information Technology 
Dr Ian Pratt-Hartmann Senior Lecturer 0161-2756223 Kilburn Building - 2.38 
Prof Allan Ramsay Emeritus Professor Kilburn Building 
Prof Alasdair Rawsthorne Professor 0161-2756161 Information Technology 
Dr Giles Reger Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Mr Graham Riley Lecturer 0161-2755724 Information Technology 
Dr David Rydeheard Honorary Senior Lecturer (t&r) 0161-2756164 Kilburn Building - 2.111 
Prof Rizos Sakellariou Professor 0161-2756257 Kilburn Building - 2.109 
Dr Sandra Sampaio Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Prof Uli Sattler Professor 0161-2756176 Kilburn Building - 2.121 
Dr Andrea Schalk Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.34 
Dr Renate Schmidt Reader 0161-2756163 Kilburn Building - 2.42 
Dr Jonathan Shapiro Reader 0161-2756253 Kilburn Building - G16 
Prof Robert Stevens Professor, Head of School. 0161-2756251 Kilburn Building - 2.123 
Professor Christopher Taylor Professor of Medical Biophysics 0161-2755403 Kilburn Building - 2.76 
Prof Thomas Thomson Professor In Computer Engineering 0161-2754551 Information Technology 
Dr William Toms Research Associate Information Technology 
Prof Junichi Tsujii Professor of Text Mining & Scientific Advisor of NaCTeM 0161-3065847 
Dr Carole Twining Lecturer 0161-2755140 Stopford Building - G539B 
Dr Markel Vigo Lecturer in Health Informatics/HCI Kilburn Building - 2.32 
Prof Ian Watson Group Contact Information Technology 
Dr Xiaojun Zeng Senior Lecturer 0161-3063362 Kilburn Building - G7 
Dr Ning Zhang Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Dr Liping Zhao Academic Member Kilburn Building 
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