Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mrs Jennie Ball-Foster Examinations & Quality Assurance Administrator Kilburn Building 
Mrs Cassandra Barlow Student Services Manager (Student Lifecycle) 0782-7759756 Bainbridge House 
Ms Liz Caine Head of Faculty Research & Business Support Services 0161-3063034 Sackville Street Building 
Mr Christopher Calland Postgraduate Assistant 0161-2756283 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mr Ian Cottam Research Software Engineer 0161-3061851 Sackville Street Building 
Mr Gavin Donald Undergraduate Assistant 0161-3066625 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mr Iain Hart Software Architect and Information Systems Officer 0161-2756133 Kilburn Building - 2.83 
Mrs Kathryn Hopkins Undergraduate Administrator 0161-2756272 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mrs Lynn Howarth Executive Assistant to Head of School 0161-2756154 Kilburn Building - 2.125 
Mrs Susannah Hymas Senior Postgraduate Administrator Kilburn Building 
Miss Amy Jones International Programmes Admin (in) 0161-3065626 Rutherford Building 
Mrs Gillian Lester Student Support Manager 0161-2756210 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mrs Sophia Lewis-Martyr Undergraduate Admissions Officer 0161-2756124 Kilburn Building - 2.10 
Mr Jez Lloyd Marketing & Recruitment Officer 0161-2756192 Kilburn Building 
Mrs Ruth Maddocks Snr Academic Support Officer & UG Timetabling ( Computer Science) 0161-2756202 Kilburn Building 
Mr Tony Mcdonald Health and Safety & Environment Manager 0161-2756118 Kilburn Building - LF 23 
Mr Colin Morris Information Systems Officer Kilburn Building 
Mr Richard O'connor Institute Safety Advisor National Graphene Institute richard.o' 
Mr Jeffrey Pepper Experimental Officer Kilburn Building 
Ms Melanie Price Executive Assistant to Professor Carole Goble 0161-2756248 Kilburn Building 
Miss Michelle Ringwood Pgr Admissions Officer Kilburn Building - 2.10 
Dr Irena Spasic Casual External Examiner 
Ms Helen Taylor Research Finance Manager 0161-2754114 Schuster Building - 6.50 
Mr Richard Ward Student Support Office Assistant 0161-3066624 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Miss Mabel Yau Careers And Placement Officer 0161-2750140 Kilburn Building 
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