Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mrs Jennie Ball-Foster Examinations & Quality Assurance Administrator Kilburn Building 
Mrs Cassandra Barlow Student Services Manager (Student Lifecycle) 0782-7759756 Bainbridge House 
Ms Liz Caine Head of School Administration Kilburn Building - 2.6 
Mr Christopher Calland Postgraduate Assistant 0161-2756283 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Ms Marie Chadderton Finance Officer - Computer Science & Mathematics Kilburn Building 
Mr Ian Cottam Technical Support Manager 0161-3061851 Kilburn Building 
Mrs Jean Davison Undergraduate Secretary Kilburn Building 
Mr Gavin Donald Undergraduate Assistant 0161-3066625 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mr Iain Hart Information Systems Officer 0161-2756133 Kilburn Building - 2.83 
Mrs Kathryn Hopkins Undergraduate Administrator 0161-2756272 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mrs Lynn Howarth Executive Assistant to Head of School 0161-2756154 Kilburn Building - 2.125 
Mrs Susannah Hymas Postgraduate Administrator Kilburn Building 
Mrs Gillian Lester Student Support Manager 0161-2756210 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mrs Sophia Lewis-Martyr Undergraduate Admissions Officer 0161-2756124 Kilburn Building - 2.10 
Miss Amy Jones Arts Administration Manager (mhc) 0161-3061669 Martin Harris Centre 
Mr Jez Lloyd Marketing & Recruitment Officer 0161-2756192 Kilburn Building 
Mrs Ruth Maddocks Snr Academic Support Officer & UG Timetabling ( Computer Science) 0161-2756202 Kilburn Building 
Mr Tony Mcdonald Health and Safety & Environment Manager 0161-2756118 Kilburn Building - LF 23 
Mr Richard O'connor Senior Cleanroom Laboratory Technician National Graphene Institute richard.o' 
Mr Jeffrey Pepper Experimental Officer Kilburn Building 
Ms Melanie Price Executive Assistant to Professor Goble and Professor Brass 0161-2756248 Kilburn Building 
Miss Michelle Ringwood Pgr Admissions Officer Kilburn Building - 2.10 
Ms Helen Taylor Senior Research Finance Officer 0161-3062292 The Mill - E37 
Mr Richard Ward Student Support Office Assistant 0161-3066624 Kilburn Building - LF21 
Mrs Susannah Wolfenden PGT Admissions Officer Kilburn Building 
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