Prof Andrew Brass - teaching


Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2016/17 BIOL21090 Dissertation Teaching Assistant
2016/17 COMP60532 Principles of Digital Biology Course Leader
2016/17 COMP60542 Introduction to Health Informatics Course Leader
2016/17 COMP70530 BioHealth Informatics Course Leader
2016/17 COMP70920 Health Informatics Course Leader
2016/17 COMP70930 Recording and Coding Information Course Leader
2016/17 COMP70940 Interoperability in Health Information Systems Course Leader
2016/17 COMP70950 Human and Organisational Factors in Health Course Leader
2016/17 EART60391 Play Fairway Analysis Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MEDN60090 Research Methods (STP) Course Leader
2016/17 MEDN61951 Professional Practice & Introduction to Healthcare Sciences Course Leader
2016/17 MEDN67601 Health Information Systems and Technologies Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN67622 Understanding Data and Decision Making Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MEDN67631 Fundamental Mathematics & Statistics for Health Data Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN67642 Biomedical Modelling for Health Data Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN67650 Dissertation for Health Data Science Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN68400 Programming Course Leader
2016/17 MEDN68572 Applied Next Generation Sequencing Genomic Medicine Course Leader
2016/17 MEDN70900 Essentials of Health Care Informatics Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN70910 Health Information Governance Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN70920 eHealth Innovation & Emerging Trends Lecturer
2016/17 MEDN82000 Consolidating the Scientific Basis of Genomics Course Leader
2016/17 MEDN82100 Integration of Specialist Scientific Software Course Leader
2016/17 PSYC81800 Teaching Learning & Assessment Lecturer
2016/17 PSYC81900 Innovation in Clinical Science Project Lecturer

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