Advanced Interfaces

Advanced Interfaces researches virtual environments, collaborative visualisation systems, and computer vision. The group is led by Steve Pettifer.

The Advance Interfaces group has lead many projects that have been successful both academically and on an industrial forum.


Virtually painless solution to chronic pain

One of the group's projects explores virtual reality techniques for assisting the rehabilitation of amputees who suffer debilitating chronic phantom limb pain which so far has proven to respond poorly to the current range of pharmaceutical, surgical, and psychological treatments.

In 2006, the group built an Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) system. This system provided an immersive stereoscopic visual representation of the amputee’s whole body and used electromagnetic tracking hardware to transpose the movements made by the intact anatomical limb into movements of a computer graphical 'virtual limb' in the phenomenal space occupied by the phantom limb.

Trials have proven that four out of five experienced reduction in their pain levels and one found that he was even able to exercise some control over the stump of his amputated limb, which had previously been paralysed for over twelve years. The group is currently investigating the advances in the technology that we are surrounded by today to facilitate controlled experiments that will investigate the numerous variables involved in the therapy.

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Dr Steve Pettifer

Steve Pettifer
Portrait by Dennis Simcott

Steve Pettifer is the director of Teaching Strategy, a Lecturer, and a member of the Advanced Interfaces Group in the School of Computer Science. He is currently teaching Advanced Computer Graphics and Fundamentals of Distributed Systems. Steve gives various talks that communicate close subject matters to audiences that vary.

Research interests

Human Computer Interaction, Visualisation, 3D Graphics, and Distributed Systems.

Current focus

The design of computer architectures for scientific visualisation, including usability and performance, investigating GPU-based techniques for accelerated rendering, gathering use cases from different scientific disciplines, and having developed ontology and knowledge-based techniques for managing the underlying data.

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Contact details

Dr Steve Pettifer

Room 2.95
School of Computer Science
Kilburn Building
The University of Manchester
Oxford Road
M13 9PL

+44 (0)161 275 6259

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