Career prospects

Choosing to study Computer Science opens up many avenues for your future career prospects.

Almost every major challenge in the world turns to the use of computer science to solve problems; from medical research, education, supporting aid work in disaster areas, helping to create a sustainable environment, the logistics of moving products around the world, to the world of business and securing and managing the vast levels of data through visualisation, security and transmission; not to mention the world of media.

Being a successful Computer Scientist is not just about solving technical problems, but also collaboration, leadership, and teamwork; which is why our degree courses encourage you to gain these interdisciplinary and interpersonal skills in addition too.

  • Computers and computing technology lies at the heart of organisations across all industrial sectors; and our graduates are equipped to support and develop these systems.
  • Computer Technology is the fastest developing technology in the world, and the requirement for graduates with the skills to work in this field is continuing to grow, whilst the actual supply of graduates with the skills is dropping worldwide.
  • Computer Science graduates have a high earning capacity, and on average are the highest earners upon graduation.
  • Computer Science is an intellectually-stimulating subject because it continues to change the world we live in. Computer Scientists are 'puzzle solvers'; taking the most complex situations and finding and developing solutions.
  • English is the language of choice for the computing industry, therefore careers across the world are open to graduates from English Universities.

Manchester makes the difference

The 'Baby' was born at Manchester University in 1948 and changed the world forever. Where better to start your journey than in the birthplace of the modern computer?

Building on our legacy, our School is also the workplace of Professor Steve Furber, who was the principal designer of the ARM Microprocessor - a development that underpins the modern mobile technology industry.

We are an institution that continues to make huge contributions to the development of technologies; the most recent being the discovery of super-conductor material Graphene, which led to the award of a Nobel Prize in 2010. This recent win increases our number of Nobel Laureates on staff to four; more than any other UK university.

Graduate Todd Davies - BSc Computer Science 2016

Todd is now working at the Google offices in Munich.

If you're a software engineer and you're doing it right, then you should never stop learning. You should always be pushing what you know, figuring out new stuff, and the pace of my learning has not slowed down at all since leaving University.

Case Study: Credit Suisse

Meet three of our School of Computer Science, University of Manchester graduates, currently working in a range of roles with Credit Suisse.

Vineet Jobanputra

Graduated 2010 (CS with Business & Management w/IE)

Vineet Jobanputra

As an IT Business Analyst in Credit Suisse’s Private Banking Department, I work with the Private Banking business to understand their current business processes and identify how technology and systems can improve their current processes. I am also a Functional Work-stream Lead for the Front Office BA team, which involves managing resources across the team. I really enjoy the responsibility I’m given as it gives me the opportunity to prove myself and I have a great team so everyday is enjoyable.

Taking an Industrial Placement as part of my degree was extremely valuable in helping get my job as I was able to experience working life, recognise where my skills are and what I enjoy doing. Whilst I was at university, I was heavily involved in the National Hindu Students Forum which gave me the opportunity to network with other students and showcase my leadership and team-working skills. I use the skills and knowledge gained from my degree everyday and the finance and accounting modules were also very valuable, helping my career in the Finance industry. During my course I particularly enjoyed the group projects in our first two years as they were very interesting and great fun.

My advice to people considering this course would be to make sure you have a healthy work-life balance. A degree in Computer Science can be very work-intensive so it’s important that you take time to do other things besides studying. Manchester’s a great city with lots of fun things to do so don’t miss out!

Oana Bradulet

Graduated 2013 (CS with Business & Management)

Oana Bradulet

My role as a Business Analyst in Credit Suisse’s Client Technology Solutions division is to understand client needs, design system interfaces, develop a variety of applications used by external clients and communicate with the business and developers. I like that my job is very varied, there are lots of projects happening at once that I get to be involved in and it’s exciting that I get to interact with senior Research and Sales analysts. I also like that I get exposure to the business side of the company.

Being pro-active and getting involved in activities outside University really helped me get my current position. I attended a Credit Suisse open day then was fast tracked through the application process for a twelve month Industrial Placement after which I was offered a graduate position. Networking is valuable and not as scary as it sounds! Although I gained a lot of technical knowledge during my degree, I’ve found that the transferable skills have particularly helped a lot in my current role and have eased the transition into working life as I was already equipped with good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.

I definitely recommend the Computer Science with Business and Management course to anyone who likes to try a bit of everything – there’s the fun technical side and the chance to learn about management, finance and organisations. I really enjoyed the mix of theoretical and practical elements of the course and felt it gave me a good balance of skills and knowledge that helped get the job I wanted. 

Ben Cope

Graduated 2012 (Computer Science MEng)

Ben Cope
Ben Cope

As a Technical Analyst I liaise with clients, produce specifications for requested changes or features and implement those developments as well as providing support to quickly resolve issues that arise with any high profile applications affected by those changes. The most enjoyable aspect of my job is the exposure to different products and the business as I have learnt a tremendous amount about how the business works. To get my current job I took part in a 10 week summer placement at Credit Suisse that helped me gain an insight into the company and provided a springboard to their graduate scheme. I was also involved with the Social Committee when Credit Suisse were the primary sponsors so I had a lot of contact with them through social events and presentations.

My degree was an amazing way to meet people and gain an insight into the world of Computer Science, the industry and the history of the course. You don’t have to have a computing background as Manchester does an outstanding job of teaching all the skills required to become the best computer science graduates in the country. The Java programming course has been particularly helpful as the course was not just about Java but also general skills on how to be a good programmer in any language so I’ve been able to adapt to different business needs and produce top-quality, high performance applications on any platform.

The best part of the course was the staff as all are thoroughly invested in the module that they teach and that passion comes through in lectures and many are also involved with research projects so can discuss cutting-edge breakthroughs in their fields. I recommend doing the year in industry as you can experience working life and you can apply the course material to real life situations.

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