• Looking for an industrial placement over the Easter break?

    Published: Wednesday, 29 March 2017

    Lots of good opportunities still out there.

    Looking for placements over Easter? Some options below:

    If you need any help with any of the above, help is available from your personal tutor, Mabel Yau (LF26), The careers service and myself.

    Vacancy Salary Location Closing Date
    New This Week      
    ASE plc Software Developer Industrial Placement 2017 2n9aw8w £15,000 -£16,000 Manchester 14/04/2017
    Atos Business and Technical Placement Programme 2017 2on30qZ paid UK wide 24/04/2017
    Closing This Week      
    GE (General Electric) Sourcing and Supply Chain Placement 2017 2mRRFBH Competitive UK wide 31/03/2017
    GE (General Electric) Information Technology Placement / Internship 2017 2lNKXZ5 Competitive UK wide 31/03/2017
    GE (General Electric) Software Engineering Placement / Internship 2017 2lNjc30 Competitive UK wide 31/03/2017
    Feral Interactive Game Developer Placement 2017 2l7uZ0I £17,000 - £18,000 London 31/03/2017
    Jap Parts Europe Ltd Junior Web Developer / Designer Placement 2017 2ljpLdn To be confirmed Manchester 31/03/2017
    Mentor Graphics Software Engineer Placement 2017 2msh7xb £17,500 Altrincham and Newbury 31/03/2017
    Abaco Systems Embedded Software Engineering Internship 2017 2mvh5Fd Approx £18,000 Towcester 31/03/2017
    NSG Group Group Information Services Placement 2017 2mLf7kB £17,000 Lathom. Lancashire 31/03/2017
    Expedia.com Ltd Product Analyst Industrial Placement 2017 2mLdB1X Competitive London 01/04/2017
    CME Group IT Placement 2017 2lu3v15 £14 per hour London 01/04/2017
    MBDA Undergraduate Software Engineer Placement 2017 2masiIM Competitive Stevenage (Hertfordshire) and Bristol 01/04/2017
    Other Deadlines      
    ARRIS Software Internship 2017 2o3J6RA £14,000 Saltaire, Shipley 07/04/2017
    ARM Ltd CPU  Physical Implementation Industrial Placement 2017 2mWadhs Competitive Cambridge 28/04/2017
    JamieAi Data Scientist 2mLlHry Competitive Nationwide 07/05/2017
    Interlink Software Services Ltd Industrial Placement Opportunities 2017 2lNQAXd £15,000 Cheshire 14/05/2017
    BEIER360 Limited Software Developer Placement 2lNN5jr   Sheffield 26/05/2017
    Saville Assessment, A Towers Watson Company Work Placement IT Developer 2017 2n56Wfc Competitive Esher, Surrey 08/06/2017
    Web Applications UK Ltd Software Engineer Industrial Placement 2017 2lRUr6z £14,000 Oldham 24/06/2017
    Alert Logic Software Engineer Intern 2017 2maEKII Paid internship Cardiff 28/07/2017
    bet365 Limited Software Engineer 2lNwhte Competitive Staffordshire 31/07/2017
    Deloitte LLP Technology Consulting Industrial Placement 2017 2mTE8q9 Competitive with benefits London, Belfast 31/08/2017
    Deloitte LLP Financial Advisory, Forensic Technology Industrial Placement 2017 2n6zwOk Competitive with benefits London 31/08/2017
    Bloomberg Software Engineer Industrial Placement 2017 2mvjPTb Competitive London 01/09/2017

    Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this leaflet. However, CareersLink is a live vacancy handling system and adverts posted by employers are subject to change. CareersLink technical support: careerslink@manchester.ac.uk

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