• Escape the City for some outdoor education with the Careers Service

    Published: Monday, 06 November 2017

    I live my life in the City and there's no easy way out...

    Feel like you need to escape the city of Manchester and get some fresh air and have fun whilst confidence building, learning about resilience, being part of a team and working on your employability? 

    Look no further! We are taking 16 students on a FREE trip to Whitehough Outdoor Education Centre on Friday 24th November.

    On day 1 you will be doing some problem solving (like in an assessment centre), working with others on high rope activities and having a go at archery. A trip to the local pub for dinner and drinks wiill follow.

    On day 2 you will be testing your map reading and orienteering skills with 2 challenges before making your way back to Manchester by train.

    Rachel Mutters, Dr Ben Carter, Karen Butterworth and Professor Louise Walker will be running the event and there is ZERO cost to you!! All of your meals will be paid for. Want to join in? They have space for 1 student per discipline below, doesn't matter what year group you are in:

    • Aerospace engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Chemistry
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Design/Fashion/Business
    • Electrical Engineering 
    • Electronic Engineering 
    • Environmental Science
    • Geology
    • Material Science
    • Mathematics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Physics & Astronomy

    If you want to apply for a place on the trip all you have to do is send a request to FSECareers@manchester.ac.uk and attach the latest copy of your CV. Students will be picked at random for each discipline. 

    The closing date for application is Wednesday 8th November.

    Please note that if you have an exam, deadline submission, compulsory labs/workshops, test etc you MUST still attend. 

    • If you are potentially missing a lecture please speak to your lecturer in advance to ensure you will be able to catch up.
    • If you have previouslly been on this trip you will not be able to attend this time.
    • If you attend this event and you then submit mitigating circumstances, this event will not be counted/accepted as a reason.
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