Information Management

Information Management considers the design, development and use of data and knowledge management systems and how complex, large or distributed data can be accessed and visualised, how users interact with the World Wide Web and how the Web, through its design, technology and infrastructure, enables users to interact with it. Security in Network and Distributed Systems using machine processing in order to help us search, organise and understand our data.

The research within the group is classified into the following themes:

  • Biological information management
  • Description logics, ontologies and automated reasoning
  • Distributed query processing
  • e-Science
  • Parallel, distributed and grid systems
  • Security in network and distributed systems
  • Semantic Web
  • Semantic Grid
  • Web Ergonomics Lab

Postgraduate Research Projects

Richard Banach projects

Sarah Clinch projects

Andre Freitas projects

Caroline Jay projects

Tingting Mu projects

Mustafa Mustafa projects

Norman Paton projects

Rizos Sakellariou projects

Uli Sattler projects

Robert Stevens projects

Sandra Sampaio projects

Markel Vigo projects

Ning Zhang projects


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Staff Profile

Professor Carole Goble CBE

Prof Carole Goble

Carole Goble CBE, FREng, FBCS, CITP is a Full Professor in the School of Computer Science. She leads a large team of researchers and developers working in e-Science. She applies technical advances in knowledge technologies, distributed computing, workflows and social computing to solve information management problems for Life Scientists, especially Systems Biology, and other scientific disciplines, including Biodiversity, Chemistry, Health informatics and Astronomy. Carole is a member of the Software Sustainability Institute UK and is the Director of the myGrid project, the largest UK e-Science pilot project, which has produced the widely-used Taverna open source software; myExperiment, a social web site for sharing scientific workflows; the Biocatalogue of web services for the life sciences; and the SEEK for storing, sharing and preserving Systems Biology outcomes.

Research interests

Current research interests include reproducible research, asset curation and preservation, semantic interoperability, knowledge exchange between scientists and new models of scholarly communication. She has been advocating the releasing of research as Research Objects.


In 2008 she was awarded the Microsoft Jim Gray award for outstanding contributions to e-Science and in 2010 was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2014 she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Her Majesty The Queen for her Services to Science.

Affiliated group members


Don't Publish. Release!

Beyond the PDF2

Carole Goble CBE won the 'Agent of Change' award during the Visions of the Future Session at the Beyond the PDF2 conference in Amsterdam on March 20th 2013, with her suggestion - Don't Publish. Release!

The idea that research is 'finished' and then published is flawed. This is particularly the case when we move from publishing results solely as narrative PDFs and instead publish results as compound, multi-stewarded and possibly reproducible Research Objects. Research Objects combine the discussion with data, methods, calculations, codes, scripts, workflows, platforms, links to third party services and so on. Methods evolve. Data changes. Metadata changes. Services get replaced. Platforms break. Stuff gets versioned. Things need repair. Let's face up to the fact that we release research rather than publish it. Let's start applying a 20th century software release paradigm instead of a 18th century print a book paradigm to scholarly communication.

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