Biological information management

The Information Management Group works closely with other research groups and centres within the university and beyond, to bring modern data and knowledge management technologies to bear on challenging problems in the life sciences. 

Within the School of Computer Science, strong links exist with the Bio and Health Informatics Research Group, and in the university we have ongoing joint activities with the Bioinformatics Research Group in the Faculty of Life Sciences, the Manchester Centre for Integrative Systems Biology, and the Northwest Institute for Biohealth Informatics.

Related projects

  • COGEME: Consortium for the functional genomics of microbial eukaryotes.
  • e-Fungi: Data integration for comparative functional genomics in the fungi.
  • ISPIDER: A Grid Pilot for Integrative Proteomics.
  • myGrid: Middleware for in silico experiments in biology.
  • PEDRo: Proteomics experimental data repository.
  • PsyGrid: e-Science for the analysis of first episode psychosis.

Related themes

  • e-Science
  • Semantic Grid
  • Parallel, Distributed and Grid Systems
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