Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Carole Goble Professor Kilburn Building 
Mr Niall Beard Snr Research Software & Training Manager Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Mr Sean Bechhofer Senior Lecturer 0161-2756282 Kilburn Building - 2.52 
Dr Andy Carpenter Lecturer 0161-2756168 Kilburn Building 
Dr Suzanne Embury Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.105 
Mr Donal Fellows Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Dr Alvaro A A Fernandes Senior Lecturer 0161-2756199 Kilburn Building - 2.36 
Mr Robert Haines Head of Research Software Engineering and Honorary Lecturer 0161-2757821 Kilburn Building 
Dr Simon Harper Reader 0161-2750599 Kilburn Building - 2.60 
Dr Caroline Jay Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering 0161-2750677 Kilburn Building - 2.30 
Mr Nicolas Matentzoglu Visitor Kilburn Building 
Dr Aleksandra Nenadic Technical Training Manager Kilburn Building 
Mr Stuart Owen Senior Research Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Dr Bijan Parsia Reader Kilburn Building - 2.88A 
Prof Norman Paton Professor 0161-2756910 Kilburn Building - 2.20 
Ms Melanie Price Executive Assistant to Professor Goble and Professor Brass 0161-2756248 Kilburn Building 
Dr Rizos Sakellariou Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.109 
Dr Sandra Sampaio Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Prof Uli Sattler Professor 0161-2756176 Kilburn Building - 2.121 
Mr Stian Soiland-Reyes Technical Architect 0161-2750689 Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Dr Natalie Stanford Staff Kilburn Building 
Mr Shoaib Ahmed Sufi Technical Project Manager Kilburn Building 
Dr Ning Zhang Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building 

Research students

Name Role Tel Location Email
Miss Mariam Alqasab Postgraduate Kilburn Building 
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