Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Carole Goble Professor Kilburn Building 
Mr Finn Bacall Elab Consultant Kilburn Building 
Mr Niall Beard Snr Research Software & Training Manager Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Mr Sean Bechhofer Senior Lecturer 0161-2756282 Kilburn Building - 2.52 
Dr Suzanne Embury Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.105 
Mr Donal Fellows Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Dr Alvaro A A Fernandes Honorary Senior Lecturer 0161-2756199 Kilburn Building - 2.36 
Mr Robert Haines Head of Research Software Engineering and Honorary Lecturer 0161-2757821 Kilburn Building 
Prof Simon Harper Professor 0161-2750599 Kilburn Building - 2.60 
Dr Caroline Jay Lecturer in Empirically Sound Software Engineering 0161-2750677 Kilburn Building - 2.30 
Dr Aleksandra Nenadic Technical Training Manager Kilburn Building 
Mr Stuart Owen Senior Research Software Engineer Kilburn Building 
Dr Bijan Parsia Reader Kilburn Building - 2.88A 
Prof Norman Paton Professor 0161-2756910 Kilburn Building - 2.20 
Ms Melanie Price Executive Assistant to Professor Carole Goble 0161-2756248 Kilburn Building 
Dr Rizos Sakellariou Reader Kilburn Building - 2.109 
Dr Sandra Sampaio Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Prof Uli Sattler Professor 0161-2756176 Kilburn Building - 2.121 
Mr Stian Soiland-Reyes Technical Architect 0161-2750689 Kilburn Building - 1.17 
Mr Shoaib Ahmed Sufi Project Portfolio Manager Kilburn Building 
Dr Ning Zhang Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building 
Dr Mustafa Mustafa Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Fellow Kilburn Building 
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