• COMP101 Lecture, Thursday 2nd February, 11am in LT 1.1 #COMP101

    Published: Wednesday, 01 February 2017

    A #COMP101 reminder

    A reminder that COMP101 lectures return tomorrow at 11am in Lecture Theatre 1.1 of the Kilburn building. If you have one, please bring a smartphone with wifi (or data) connection to the internet. These will be used for a short interactive quiz.

    The lecture will introduce a series of guest speakers that run through semester 2, delivered by industry club members, as part of COMP101.

    If you have time tomorrow afternoon, DigiLab will be in the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (Lower ground floor) from 10am to 4pm where you can have a play with various new technologies including Google Tango (augmented reality) and Oculus Rift (with touch controllers).

    gravatar Duncan Hull
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