• Jobs at Apple: Special guest lecture Weds 6th December at 1pm LT 1.1 Kilburn building

    Published: Saturday, 02 December 2017

    Special guest lecture

    Guest lecture from Jon Andrews - Senior Director - Core OS, Apple Inc, California (students, please register for this lecture at tinyurl.com/core-os-apple-at-manchester

    After graduating from the University of Manchester in 2000 with a BSc in Computer Engineering Jon joined Transitive. There he lead the development of technology that ultimately ended up in Apple's operating system, as Rosetta, to enable the transition from PowerPC to Intel CPUs. In 2006, he moved to California to work for Apple and has since gained experienced in operating systems, silicon design, power management and much more. Until 2016, the focus of his work was as Director of Core Platform, responsible for bring-up of iOS and macOS on all new hardware. Today, Jon leads a team of ~500 developing the operating system for all Apple products. 

    Jon will be talking about his work at Apple (and how he got there) and the opportunities that exist in his team for undergraduate and graduate Computer Scientists from the University of Manchester. Introduced by Jim Garside. Specifically, Jon will discuss:

    Intro to Core OS - High level walk through our areas Hardware Support, OS Foundation, Storage, Sensors, Transports, Efficiency - Walk through technology examples for each area. These are fairly high level in general. To use Storage as an example. I will highlight the new file system (APFS), flash controller firmware and how this is all optimized through the stack from the apps to the flash die. Then wrapping up with information on Internships & Full time positions.  If time allows some Q&A.

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