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Founded in March 2003, Genemation have been developing innovative 'face synthesis' tools and technologies for digital content artists and programmers in the video game, post production, web authoring and other digital content sectors (i.e. Forensics and Cosmetics). We have commercialised patented technology developed over a number of years at the University of Manchester's Imaging Science & Biomedical Engineering department (ISBE), which is one of the world's leading academic institutions in 'computer vision' technology. Key members of staff from ISBE are Genemation shareholders and some have become full time employees.

Management team

John Bickley - CEO

John joined the company in January 2003. Prior to Genemation he was the senior vice president at EMEA for Celoxica, a spin-out from Oxford University . From 1992 to 2000 John worked in the video games industry for Psygnosis, a UK based video games company. He joined when it was privately owned and worked with the founders to sell the company to SONY in 1993. Psygnosis went on to become Europe's largest video games development and publishing company. John was also involved in running the publishing division for Psygnosis's sister company, SONY PlayStation Europe. Before joining the video games industry John was managing director of CIC Video, a joint venture company owned by Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios,

Dr Louise Butcher - Programming Director

A founder of Genemation, Louise began research on the underlying technology in January 2001 within the ISBE (Image Science and Bio Medical Engineering) division at the University, working on facial recognition technology. Prior to this, Louise spent three years at NSG Pilkington. Initially she worked in the R&D Technical Centre, developing new glass products for the automotive sector and this was followed by a spell as a Market Analyst in the Group Automotive Marketing and Business Planning Department. Louise holds a first class honours degree and PhD in atomic physics from Oxford University.

Dr Gavin Wheeler - Programming Director

Prior to founding Genemation, Gavin spent three years within the ISBE (Image Science and Bio Medical Engineering) division, working on 'U-Face', a face recognition application based on the same underlying technology. This EU-funded project involved collaboration with industrial partners. Prior to this, in parallel with his academic studies, Gavin was Station Director of Forge FM, a community radio station, run largely by volunteers in Sheffield. This role included forming and leading an experienced management team, applying for charity funding and managing budgets. Gavin holds a first class honours degree in Control Engineering and a PhD from Sheffield University.

In addition to the board of directors, the company maintains close links with the University research team and the following act as technical advisors for the company:

Professor Chris Taylor

Chris is the Research Division Leader in the ISBE (Image Science and Bio Medical Engineering) division at the University, and has led research in computer imaging since the early 1970s. This research has led to a number of applications of the technology, including Genemation. Chris holds a BSc and a PhD in Physics, both from the Victoria University of Manchester. Chris was awarded the OBE in 2000 for services to healthcare and Foresight 2000 Health Information Task Force.

Dr Tim Cootes

Tim is a Lecturer in the ISBE (Image Science and Bio Medical Engineering) division at the University, having joined the Division in 1991. Tim is engaged in research to develop algorithms to locate deformable objects (e.g. faces, body organs, mechanical assemblies etc) in digital images and has been directly involved in the research that underlies the Genemation products. Tim holds a BSc in Combined Mathematics and Physics from the University of Exeter and a PhD from Sheffield Polytechnic.

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