Transitive has been acquired by IBM

Transitive's QuickTransit solutions allows applications created for one processor and operating system to run on another platform without any source code or binary code changes.

Company Profile

Moving software applications from one platform to another is a time-consuming and expensive process due to differences between different operating system (OS) and processor pairs. The process often bogs down due to difficulties and delays associated with getting existing in-house and commercial applications to run on the new platform. The need to rewrite applications for the new OS and processor results in a software/hardware dependency that is a major barrier to strategic migration, delays hardware sales and limits the market availability of software on new platforms.

Transitive® Corporation is a pioneer and leader in providing solutions that allow the transportability of software applications across multiple OS and processor pairs. The company's QuickTransit® hardware virtualisation technology allows software applications that have been compiled for one OS/processor pair to run on another without any source code or binary changes and at speeds comparable to native ports. The technology dramatically reduces software developers' cost, risk, and time-to-market of supporting multiple hardware platforms, facilitates computer companies' migration to new computer platforms, and makes significantly more software available on hardware platforms.

QuickTransit technology provides the engine for the Apple® Rosetta® application translation software, and is currently shipping on all of Apple's Intel-based computers. It is also shipping on all Silicon Graphics' Linux®/Intel® Itanium® based computers. The company has a development relationship with Intel Corporation and announced the first products stemming from that in June 2006.

Transitive Corporation is located in Los Gatos, California with a research and development team in Manchester, England. The company was founded in 2000 and is privately held, with funding participation by Pond Venture Partners Ltd., Manchester Technology Fund, Crescendo Ventures and Accel Partners.

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