Machine Learning and Optimisation

Machine Learning is revolutionising the world.  It is difficult to think of a technology that has progressed so rapidly, in terms of real-world impact.  Our group is interested in new theorymetholodogies, and cross-discipline scientific impact, as well as consumer-driven applications.

  • Dr Jon Shapiro (Group lead): reinforcement learning, game theory, Bayesian methods.
  • Prof Gavin Brown: information theoretic methods, feature selection, deep learning, applications in health.
  • Dr Ke Chen: deep learning, vision and speech representations, zero-shot learning, game AI.
  • Dr Tingting Mu: representation and metric learning, relational data analysis, NLP/vision.
  • Dr Xiaojun Zeng: Big Data analytics, deep learning, fuzzy systems, applications in finance, energy, and health.
  • Prof Ross King: automation of science, inductive logic programming.


The group is currently well supported with funding from EPSRC, ESRC, AstraZeneca, and the EU.  See project pages of individual academics for details.

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Academic vacancies

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We welcome applications from potential PhD candidates. We run a research training programme augmented by practical experience in creative thinking and innovation, scientific evaluation, and leading edge research in industry and academia.

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