2002 seminars

Seminars from the academic year 2002.

Andrea 27 June Sums and products 3: without syntax
Moneesha 20 June Sums and products 2: syntactic version
Andrea 13 June Sums and products 1: posets and products
Andrea 30 May Tom Leinster, Geometry Seminar, Maths Dept.
Rosi 23 May Patch points of a frame
Harold 16 May Vietoris points of a frame
David R 22 March Examples of monads on enriched categories, part 2
David R 15 March Examples of monads on enriched categories, part 1
Harold 8 March Monads and compact hausdorff spaces
Andrea 1 March Monads 2 -- Eilenberg-Moore and Kleisli categories
Andrea 22 February Monads 1 -- Adjunctions, Monads and Kleisli Triples
Harold 15 February Adjunctions in various forms
Harold 30 January Graphical proofs in classical logic (Edmund Robinson)

During the Autumn of 2002 the seminar series was temporarily suspended while Andrea and Harold taught an optional course for those students taking the MSc in Mathematical Logic in the Mathematics department (now the School of Mathematics). Since the September 2003 this course was offered as a full part of the MSc and further details can be found on the course webpage.

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