Research Spotlight

Automation lab Robot Scientist: Professor Ross King

The 'Robot Scientist' centre is led by Professor Ross King. The lab runs experiments using artificial intelligence to run cycles of hypothesis forming and testing; for instance, in neglected tropical diseases.

Hosted in the automation lab are physically implemented laboratory automation systems that use artificial intelligence techniques to automatically execute cycles of scientific experimentation.

This new 60m2 fully equipped 'wet' lab hosts the second generation Robot Scientist 'Eve' (cost ~£750k), which follows on from 'Adam', the first machine ever to discover novel scientific knowledge independently of its human creators. Eve is designed to automate early-stage drug development: drug screening, hit conformation, and cycles of QSAR hypothesis learning and testing.

Eve is focussed on neglected tropical diseases, and has discovered 'lead' compounds against malaria and African sleeping sickness that are currently being tested in Cambridge and Thailand.

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