Interaction Analysis and Modelling (IAM) Lab

IAM is interested in how users interact with the World Wide Web (Web) and how the Web, through its design, technology and infrastructure, enables users to interact with it. IAM is involved in the experimentation of accessibility technology, visual attention, and the Web to address the problems of Web accessibility. We believe that by understanding disabled-user’s interaction we enhance our understanding of all users operating in constrained modalities where the user is handicapped by both environment and technology.

The IAM Lab is made up of a variety of academics, researchers and students, all of which have differing skills and research interests, but all of whom are interested in human interaction on the Web. In order to support the work conducted within the lab, a number of facilities, such as a User Lab and library are provided. Furthermore, dissemination of research is achieved through community involvement, including W3C Working Group Membership and conference organisation committees.

Want to look deeper? You can find out more about our experimental methodologies, data, and technical reports, at


  • Published: Monday, 24 September 2018
    Northern User Experience (NUX) conference: student discount tickets, 19th October 2018
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