• HCW Lab Collaboration To Be Presented at ASSETS 2008

    Published: Thursday, 19 June 2008


    Darren Lunn from the HCW Lab, in conjunction with researchers from IBM Tokyo Research Laboratory, Stony Brook University and The University of Washington have had a full technical paper accepted at the Tenth International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility. The paper, entitled Accessibility Commons: A Metadata Infrastructure for Web Accessibility, investigates methods to create a common infrastructure to integrate, store, and share metadata designed to improve accessibility.

    There are many research projects, such as aiBrowser, SADIe, HearSay and WebInSight, that make use of meta data on the Web. These projects, however, are all disconnected from one another. For example SADIe has the capability of identifying the main content of a Web page whereas WebInSight can automatically infer alternative text for images. Combining the two methods may dramatically improve a user's access to Web content, perhaps more than either project could have achieved alone. Accessibility Commons will provide a mechanism for integrating these disparate types of metadata that will enable research institutes world-wide to develop a more comprehensive set of technologies based on shared technology. Most importantly, a shared community infrastructure will serve as the bridge between future academic research projects and end users, enabling new technology to reach end users more quickly.

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