• HCW Lab Members Attend Towards a Truly Inclusive Digital Economy Event

    Published: Monday, 09 March 2009

    On the 6th March 2009 Darren Lunn and Eleni Michailidou from the HCW Lab attended Towards a Truly Inclusive Digital Economy.

    On the 6th March 2009 Darren Lunn and Eleni Michailidou from the HCW Lab attended Towards a Truly Inclusive Digital Economy. The aim of the public event was to present the final results of the EPSRC Digital Inclusion Cluster to highlight challenges faced by older people in the current digital economy.

    Two keynote speakers gave talks to open the event. The first was by Wayne David MP, the Deputy Minister for eInclusion who talked about the importance of ensuring that everybody was included in a Digital Britain. This was followed by a talk by John Hand, head of Digital Economy at EPSRC, who discussed the activities that EPSRC was funding in order to promote the inclusion of everybody in ICT.

    The keynote talks were followed by a screening of Relatively PC, a film made to highlight the difficulties that elderly users may face when accessing digital technologies. This gave the audience, that included members from the IT industry, a good idea of how technology designs can effect older users. The screening of the video was followed by a question and answer session with the actors, still in character, who took part in the production. This fostered an interesting and lively discussion.

    The afternoon session commenced with a presentation from members of the Digital Inclusion Cluster. Professor Leela Damodaran, Dr Patrick Oliver, Dr Mary Zajicek, Professor John Nelson, Professor Andrew Monk and Alan Connell presented the work that the cluster had investigated and some of the overall findings. This included the response to the Government's Digital Economy consultation, the need for support for elderly people in the home but without being intrusive in their lives, the need for transport in the digital economy, the need to support elderly workers and the importance of researchers and industry working together in order to share knowledge and disseminate ideas.

    The final session of the day as a panel session that included representatives from Help The Aged, The BBC, OFCOM, The Technology Strategy Board and the Digital Inclusion Cluster. This session discussed how there is a need to ensure that everybody is included in a digital society. A common theme of this discussion was that solutions for including everybody in the digital economy are technology driven and that there should be inclusion of user input from the very start of the project.

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