• Web Ergonomics Lab at Silver Service from Age Concern

    Published: Saturday, 16 October 2010

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    On 26th August and 15th October, members of the Web Ergonomics Lab traveled to Crossacres to work with [externalLink href="http://www.silverservice.org.uk/" title="Silver Service from Age Concern" display="Silver Service from Age Concern"]. The event allowed people who wre new to computers, or just interested in technology, to take part in user studies for the SCWeb2 project. The studies were conducted in a relaxed atmosphere where tea and coffee was served. The lab gained a lot of information from the visits and our equipment, in particular the eye-tracker, was a huge talking point amongst the members.

    We would like to thank our partners at Crossacres, especially Jack Puller, for their help in organising a successful event and look forward to future visits to the centre.

    gravatar Simon Harper
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