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On the optimization of the PML Absorbing Boundary Condition

  • Speaker:   Dr  Jean-Pierre Berenger  (Centre de Analyze de Defense)
  • Host:   Fumie Costen
  • 15th February 2006 at 14:15 in 1.5
Over 2 decades, the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method has become the most widely used simulation tool of electromagnetic phenomena. The FDTD is characterized by the solution of Maxwell's curl equations in the time domain after replacement of the derivatives in them by finite differences. It has been applied to many problems of propagation, radiation and scattering of electromagnetic waves. The method owes its success to the power and simplicity it provides. More than a dozen specific and general purpose commercial simulators are available on the market. This talk gently introduces the FDTD world to the non-FDTD community and explains the needs for the simulation of free space in numerical electromagnetics. The FDTD method permits the solution of open problems in computationally bounded domains by employing suitable truncation conditions. These simulate a frontier which ideally is transparent (null reflection coefficient) irrespective of the frequency, polarization and angle of incidence. The seminar gives the reason why the previous absorbing boundary conditions did not work properly. Currently most widely used and recognized boundary condition is Perfectly Matched Layer(PML) method which the Speaker has invented. After his proposal in 1994, several versions of PML were published elsewhere. The seminar goes through an overview of the different versions of PMLs and analyze the properties and beharvior of PMLs in the discretized world (FDTD world).
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