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Design Automation of Electric Distribution Systems

  • Speaker:   Dr  Sani Nassif  (IBM)
  • Host:   pavildisv
  • 3rd May 2013 at 14:00 in Kilburn 2.19
Our comfortable modern lifestyle is largely enabled by an abundant supply of energy, and in the context of our homes and workplaces, that energy is delivered in the form of electricity. Electricity is transported via "Transmission" systems that span long distances, and "Distribution" systems that are typically at the city level. In looking at the energy distribution market and focusing on the design of such systems, it is apparent that current engineering practice does not include significant automation. From a VLSI point of view, these systems are designs based only on simulation, like designing an SoC with Spice! This talk will examine this area, and show concrete examples of the application of VLSI design automation techniques to the design and optimization of electricity distribution systems. This work was done in partnership with an energy consulting firm, and was demonstrated to several energy companies that have all expressed intense interest in it. This is an area in which VLSI researchers, with some small learning, can make significant contributions!

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