Our seminar series is free and available for anyone to attend. Unless otherwise stated, seminars take place on Wednesday afternoons at 2pm in the Kilburn Building during teaching season.

If you wish to propose a seminar speaker please contact Antoniu Pop.


Introduction: Professor John Goodacre. Manchester APT Group. Director Technology and Systems, ARM Ltd.

  • Speaker:   Prof.  John Goodacre  (Manchester APT Group)
  • Host:   Steve Furber
  • 1st October 2014 at 14:00 in Kilburn L.T. 1.4
Having joined the Advanced Processor Technologies Group at Manchester part time recently, John will provide a personal introduction to his career, and both ongoing and future research interests. Through ARM, John has defined and led the introduction of various new processor technologies. As technical director of the currently running Euroserver project from the EU, he will also describe his vision for a new generation of compute systems and the prototype being developed in that project.
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